the great 2007 toy purge

My dear hubby thinks I'm insane.

To get ready for the influx of toys I knew Amara would receive over the holidays, I wanted to organize her playroom and get rid of some things she's either outgrown or just simply no longer played with.
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You would have thought I had told dear hubby that I was going to burn the house to the ground.
He's a pack rat. I'm not. But somehow, some way, we compromised. I was able to donate a few things to Goodwill. And he was allowed to store away some items. That included deflating THE yellow duck. Because my dear hubby would tell you that it's not just any inflatable yellow duck. Amara went to a local carnival with us and her first carny game was the one where you choose a duck from the "pond" and the symbol on the bottom tells you what prize you've won. Well Amara scored big time and was allowed to choose any gift she'd like. And you guessed it. Quack, quack. The big yellow duck came home with us to Parkview Drive.

Same with the gingerbread house. It was Amara's first. So I couldn't just throw it in the trash. I needed to take several pictures of it before I even considered tossing it.

One day I may thank my dear hubby for being so sentimental. But right now, I'm just thanking my lucky stars that we can fit all her new toys in her playroom.

today's good: My boss, who is pretty high on the list of people I strongly dislike, put a notion in my head that I actually like. I'm meeting with him tomorrow and if all goes well, I'll elaborate on it then!

today's bad: This could be a good or a bad depending on how you look at it. I didn't lose any weight this week. But like I said, I could have gained weight. Oh and there is a second bad: Great-grandma2Amara had a bad day at the hospital so in turn, that becomes one of my bads...


  1. I don't think Tim's a pack-rat. I think he's sentimental - I mean, James still has the stick I peed on to find out I was pregnant with E! - Ew!


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