For those of you who know me or have been reading my infant blog, you know of my mom's battle with cancer - and the brain tumor that started it all.

For nearly four years, I have wished, hoped, and prayed for some miracle cure that would keep Amara's "Lola" here with us longer than the doctors have diagnosed.

So when I read this article about a world renowned hospital, one of its doctors, and how they sacrificed a dog for a demonstration, I'm torn.

Now, I realize, I don't have all the facts before me (but trust me when I say I'll be doing more research on this story). But on first blush, I'm conflicted. I don't know what to think.

Because for those of you who do know me, you know I love my dogs. Well, I love my dog, kinda like Tim's dog, and enjoy the company of other people's dogs. But that's beside the point. I regularly give to local humane societies and APL's. And I assist in finding homes for shelter animals. So my love of animals is stronger than your every day Joe's.

In this particular incident, it sounds like the doctor tested on the dog for a sales demonstration. Wrong. Completely inhumanely wrong.

But a lot of the people outraged are those completely against animal testing. And I honestly can't say that I am. Because what if that one test helps cure my mom? What if that one test would abolish cancer and help save families ripped apart by this horrible disease?

I just don't know what to think on this one.