type A for Amara

Black hair? No.
A bootylicious butt? No.
My skin tone? No.
My loud, opinionated mouth? Yes. Damn.

This week's CHBM Carnival prompt is
What parts of yourself do you hope that your child gets from you?

Should it surprise anyone that I'm actually kinda proud to have a boisterous little girl in the house?

When I was pregnant, I was really concerned about Amara's looks. I wanted her to have a good mix of Mom2Amara and Dad2Amara. I just wanted her Asian side to be apparent. But seeing my daughter, she looks like neither mom or dad. As she would happily tell anyone who asks - she looks like "herself."

But the very apparent characteristic Amara has inherited - for better or for worse - from Mom2Amara is undoubtedly her type A personality.

Amara is hyper. (A doctor once told Grandma2Amara that Mom2Amara had ADD and needed medication as a child...you would have to expect Amara to be hyper too?!)

Amara is full of life. She is high energy.

And she is very competitive.

Yes, her behavior is sometimes not seen in the best of lights. Hey, you win some. You lose some.

This is what makes my Bean, my Bean.

I just hope that Amara will also gain enough common sense from me to know when to use her type A personality and when to take a step back and just enjoy the view.


  1. I think she looks like you, Nik! You should take out some of your baby pics. I think she looks just like you when you were that small!

  2. Do you think it's possible to get some cross contamination... Maya is just crusty then super sweet all in a span of a minute... She is CYBIL! Or you can chalk it up to me literally washing her mouth out with soap!

  3. I think type A's are awesome.....especially since there are so many people lacking direction in general. It really helps to have someone step up to the plate when needed!

    Good post ;)

  4. Hey, it's the type A's that keep the rest of us in line around here! Good on her!

    (via CHBM)

  5. Being Type A is a challenge...first hand experience here! Ack!
    Knowing when to "step back" as you so graciously worded it, is the key, for sure. I have a hard time knowing when to keep my opinions to myself. :D
    She is just beautiful! Individuality is great, but I don't envy you the "high energy" aspect. Mine are all laid back and easy.
    Yah, I'm spoiled. :D
    Have a great week from a fellow Crazy Hip Blog Mama.

  6. Your daughter is beautiful! I personally think that type A's are great. I'm not speaking from my personal experience of anything :)

  7. Hey.. we type As rule!!! I am so glad you celebrate it.. I celebrate it in my son too.... got her via the CHBM carnival.


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