what, no Target for a year?!

I saw this story this morning and laughed.

What would Amara do on our Mommy-and-Amara-days?!

"Target" was one of Amara's first words. She recognized the big red box before most other things in her world.

And to think 3,000 people out there decided that they didn't need to buy anything new for a year? I'd go through withdrawals! Amara would go through withdrawals! Given a choice, Amara would surely choose visiting Target over other activities!

I could live without Dillard's and White House Black Market but don't take away our Target!

These people are insane!

today's good: I ate a sweet and salty breakfast bar that actually tasted yummy! So simple I am today, I know!
today's bad: I think my alarm clock hates me. Or my body hates my alarm clock. Whatever it is, I can't seem to wake up with enough time to get ready in the morning! Grrrr!