who could blame her?

On several occasions, Amara has asked my dear hubby and I to take her to Disney World to see the princesses or to the Nick Hotel. But as her dutiful parents, we always hestitate to make travel plans.

Just like we saw with Santa, Amara is terrified of Red Robin. So I'm guessing she'd be afraid of the giant mouse running amuck at the Magic Kingdom.

But now I ask, who can blame her?

First Tigger couldn't keep his hands to himself and was feeling up his fans' moms. But now he's getting violent.

Now for --
today's good: Great-grandma2amara is doing much much better.
today's bad: It is more like yesterday's bad. I ate way too much. But today's another day and hopefully I won't screw it up too badly.


  1. we are going back again in 4 years... plan to come with us! E will be big enough and so will baby bennett.... What could be better!

  2. That would be sooooo much fun!!! There isn't a giant Miss Piggy running around there, right? I'll have to drug Foley if there is...


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