yesterday's good and bad

I have realized that I neglected to write a today's good and bad yesterday. And in my haste, and since I always have something to be joyful for and something to complain about, here ya go.
yesterday's good: I lost 5.2 pounds! But sadly enough, my Weight Watchers leader gave me a "Bravo" sticker - not for my weight loss - but because I left half a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake uneaten. I would like to add another "good" but it's really not my good. But I think the person whose fantastic news it belongs to knows that I am celebrating with them!
yesterday's bad:I was Mom-without-an-Amara yesterday. Grandma2Amara (not to be confused with Lola2Amara) took her to see Disney Princesses on Ice. I've had my fill of ice shows in the last 3 years so I was glad to miss one. But from what dear hubby and I hear, Amara had a blast. But I missed her. Waaaaaaah!


  1. I'm guessing... is someone pregos? And it is my very high maintenance cousin?


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