your mouth's moving but I don't hear a word you're saying

Don't take offense but it's true.

All day, all I've heard is blah, blah, blah.

So things are really a blur for me. I feel like I'm walking in some sort of haze. Or maybe that's from the lack of food I'm eating since I'm trying to lose all those unsightly pounds. Or it could be from the lack of caffeine -- I haven't been able to make coffee at home because I'm out of liquid creamer and I REFUSE to use powder creamer. But who knows...

I'd rather not go into it but I think today's good and bad's can explain it all.

today's good: Lola2Amara was discharged from the hospital after a little 'mishap.' Thankfully, she'll be OK.
today's bad: Great-grandma2Amara is back in the hospital. (Mind you, this is on top of dear hubby's own grandmother still in the hospital. She's been there since the day after Christmas.) I'm really not sure what's going on just yet with Great-grandma2Amara. Hopefully we'll know more in the morning.


  1. Okay... now you have me worried... who is or was in the hospital! I need to know.

  2. Keep me posted on Lola, Nik. I'm glad your Mom's better.


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