baby got back

I must have an affinity for pictures of Amara's rear end this week.

My preggo cousin, Godmother2Amara, is having a terrible bout of morning sickness so she can't work. But apparently she's been able to dig through the mounds of old pictures she has stored on her memory card and find this picture of Bean.

I think the picture's over a year old. Godmother2Amara affectionately calls it Climbing Mount Couch.

How much Amara has changed. And to think she's gone from sweet and innocent in her quests to where we are today! God help me -- where will she and I be two years from now?!?!

And BTW, at the time of this post, only 3 days and 16 more hours until we're on a plane headed to paradise!
today's good: I have pretty toes. I got a much needed pedicure for my trip. It's gonna be flip flops and sandals for me all week!
today's bad: My work project is moving much slower than I would like. And with me going out of town, I hate to think this initiative is going to sit idle...