birth causes death?

In a sense, I wouldn't be a true blogger if I didn't talk about Anna Nicole Smith.

Yeah, I admit it. I watched her TV show on E!. And damn I wish I lost weight like she did a la TrimSpa.

But I really didn't have anything to reflect upon...until now.

I read about one of the most explosive rumors on how she died this morning.

A doc on asks Did motherhood kills Anna Nicole Smith?


There's tons of speculation as to what caused Anna to die. But motherhood?

It's true. There is such a thing as "maternal death." It's recognized by the World Health Organization.

Shocking to me, some groups even say that American moms experience high death rates during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Anna Nicole gave birth to Danielynn just a few months ago. The article says "in some states, a woman's death can be ruled as a maternal death if she dies within 12 months of the end of her pregnancy."

The WHO says maternal death can be caused by complications like hemorrhaging, infection, and obstructed labor. Or moms who had a pre-existing condition like diabetes and heart disease could have it aggravated by pregnancy and childbirth and die.

We won't know what caused Anna Nicole's death until the final autopsy report is completed.

But to think that despite her Hollywood life filled with glitz, glamour, and sensationalism, her willingness to bring a life - a life to love and adore - into this world is what killed her is simply one of the saddest things I can even fathom.


  1. I couldn't believe it when I heard about her death. It's so sad for her poor daughter.


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