fire me now

I don't know how I missed this story. Maybe I should lose my job...

The fine women over at Working Moms Against Guilt talked about a recent article that says women now prefer blogs and the Internet over the usual plain ol' morning news on TV.

Guess mommy blogs like this one (although I doubt I get the kind of traffic they're referring to!) are taking over and ultimately could cost me my job!

Not that I can disagree. I think a lot of time, local and national news isn't very relavant to my life. Yes, sometimes I am living in my own little bubble. But who isn't? Moms are pulled in every direction. And mothers give 100% and then when they're asked to pitch in with the PTA, head a youth group at church, or spearhead one more project at work, we always say yes. So when I hear some of the topics on the Today Show or GMA, I know they have no bearing on my life and in no way, shape, or form will make my life any easier.

I think I'm talking myself out of a job! Well, at least I can always be Mom2Amara...