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While I am very excited for our upcoming trip to Hawaii -- I'm starting to get a bit apprehensive about traveling with Amara...alone...

It's just a few short weeks since a screaming toddler and her family were tossed off an AirTran flight from Boston to Florida. I don't want to be that family. (And please spare me the hate mail -- I don't excuse that family for allowing a temper tantrum to go on for as long as it did, but geesh, kicking them off the plane? I've been held up at the gate for passengers who were just plain lazy and late to the airport...)

So I'm looking for tips, suggestions, anything that will help make the flights go a little smoother.

I'm now just being told that Amara's booster seat is not approved for air travel. That's strike one. I can just see Bean running up and down the aisles.

Strike two? Amara's juice boxes are 4.2 ounces. I'm only allowed to bring juice through security checkpoints that are 3 ounces or less. So now I'll be forced to buy $4 juice bottles in the airports. Oh, and did I mention because of my lack of planning, Amara and I will have to do lunch and dinner on the run in between layovers?

I haven't struck out completely just yet. But I'm sure I'll be hit with it before the week's end.

But short of drugging Amara with Benadryl, any other ideas to make Amara a cool fly girl?


  1. I'm giving you the same advise as you gave me for Ethan's teething:
    Just kidding!! Dont' call children's services on me!

  2. Give her a children's gravol 30 minutes before flight (it's a chewable pill - I say its vitamins) and she will still get to enjoy take off and some flying but it will calm her down as well as make her sleep for an hour or so. Do you have a laptop? Movies also help and colouring and crafts too. Also - If Crown doesn't do Uncle John says Jack Daniels and Coke would!


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