Hau`oli Lâ Hânau!

Who knows if I said that correctly. I'm completely trusting my Google search.

But in less than a month, I'll be saying Happy Birthday to myself in beautiful Hawaii!

Dad2Amara has given me the best birthday gift ever! He's flying Amara and me to see my sister in Honolulu!!

Now, I'm really not a sun and beach type person (funny since I'd do anything to go to the Jersey Shore) but the arctic blast here has me wishing for a change of scenery.

This will be Amara's first time on a plane so any advice from you mommies would be greatly appreciated! I'm worried about how she'll be and if she'll have the patience for a long flight! I'll fill you all on on more details of this fabulous trip once we know them -- right now, I'm just happy we're jet setting out!
today's bad:Well, even though I'm thrilled about our trip to Hawaii, today's good has been overshadowed by some really sad news. Great-grandma2Amara on her daddy's side passed away this morning. Great-grandma2Amara has been sick for some time now so we mourn knowing that she is no longer in pain. But she was one classy lady that I was fortunate to know. Rest in peace, Grandma Margie. You will be missed.


  1. nothing to say but yaaaay, spam here you come!

  2. you don't even know how jealous I am that you guys are going....you're going to have tons of fun.....get some sun & water for me! i dream of pools & beaches right now, i think b/c i'm so dehydrated!!
    also, i teared up when I read your comments about amara's great grandma...I so emotional!!!!

  3. Lots and lots of gravol! Once the kid takes it she'll be knocked out for hours!


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