mama needs a new pair of shoes

I slacked off last week and didn't participate in the CHBM carnival. So even though I'm on countdown-to-vacation mode, I feel compelled to take part in this week's. Our topic?
your funniest parenting moment
Well, I have two.

I found out the meaning of "mommy brain" pretty early on in motherhood. As a pregnant Mom2Amara, I was cleaning the kitchen, simply tidying up some odds and ends. So imagine my surprise when a few hours later, Dad2Amara dared to question me about where I placed the toaster. So what if it was in the refrigerator? It belonged there, right? Yeah, that was the start of my brain turning into mommy mush.

But if you're looking for a funny momment that's come from the mouth of babes, try this one for size. Amara and I were shopping with Great-aunt2Amara. I was more interested in my pursuit for the perfect new purse than listening to Amara gab on about this and that. Mind you, just moments before, Amara conned me into buying her a silver sequins headband. So while we shopped, Amara entertained herself in front of a store mirror. Then, out of nowhere, you hear Amara exclaim, "Mom! My headband doesn't match my shoes! I need new shoes!"

Everyone -- from the store employees to nearby customers -- heard her. From that point on, the saleswomen wanted to help my daughter more than they wanted to help me. Guess like mother, like daughter! Girl, mama's the one that needs a new pair of shoes!


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