meeting the in-laws

Last night, I got an interesting voicemail.

"Um, hi. This is Mom2Adam from Amara's school. And I was wondering if Amara would be able to make it to Adam's birthday party Saturday. I was just checking in with some parents that haven't gotten back to us. If you could just give me a call..."


First, This mom from Amara's school now thinks that I'm like all the other irresponsible, crazed moms and didn't RSVP for her son's birthday party. Fantastic. I may be over-scheduled and unorganized, but I do RSVP in a responsible fashion. (And note: considering we never received the invitation in the mail, I think I'm excused from this faux pas.)

Second, it took me a while to figure it out. But while I was contemplating skipping out on this birthday party all together, I realized that Mom2Adam's son is Adam. I mean THE Adam. You know, Adam, Amara's "boyfriend."

I've never met the boy, much less his parents. And my 3-year-old daughter talks about her boyfriend constantly. So I realized that Saturday will be my first meeting of the in-laws! Who would have thought this day would have come so soon?!?!
today's good: My new URL is up and running!
today's bad: This juggling WAHM mom some days and physically going to the station others is really getting to be difficult. Today, I was 15 minutes late picking up Amara because I was in a meeting and didn't realize how late it was getting. Horrible, horrible Mom2Amara.