press 1 for Amara

Never say she doesn't listen.

Tonight, I was downstairs when I heard Amara talking upstairs in her bedroom. I just assumed she was chit-chatting about the day's events wtih her dolls.

But after awhile, I got the feeling she was actually conversing with someone so I decided to drag my rear end up the stairs to check on her like a good Mom2Amara.

I find my daughter on my cell phone, hooping it up with Aunt2Amara in Hawaii. Apparently she remembers her speed dial number on my cell. And when I questioned Amara on who else she's been talking to, she told me she called Godmother2Amara. I checked my dialed calls and sure enough, Amara did gossip with her too.

She's 3. Damn. Just wait until she's a tween -- we'll never get her off the phone.
today's good: I cleaned the house. After a week off from work for Great-grandma2Amara's funeral, the house has gone to the wayside. And after then 2 feet of snow we got, the house needed a good scrubing.
today's bad: There's a lot going on right now personally and professional. Some stuff you all already know and others I'd rather keep private (it's the perogative I still have). But I will say that today I officially stepped down as troop leader of my Girl Scout troop. It pains me to do. But when I have to prioritize the things in my life, unfortunately, I'm not related to any of the girls in the troop so when I say work and family are huge components in my life, the girls just don't fall under "family." I just hope I don't crush those girls' spirits too much


  1. Jackson used to call me on my sister's speed dial too! But he wouldn't say anything - he'd just breathe heavily into the phone. At first I thought it was an obscene caller but I listened real closely and thought it may me the little bugger. "Jackson!?!!" I say... a pause... then, "AUNT KATIE?!??" he replies. Then a dial tone. I guess he decided to hang up before his mother caught him racking up the long distance charges.
    Kids are great!!!

  2. eatnsqnOMG! That is so funny! I've occasionally let my kiddos play with my cell (when out and about and a distraction is necessary for my sanity)... but, to my knowledge, no one has ever been contacted. What a great little anecdote. :) TFS

  3. Amara & I had a very in depth conversation that night, it was quite fun!


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