My hands are raw and dry and gross.

And it's not because the windchill is 20 degrees below zero right now.

I spent the day cleaning my kitchen. I didn't get quite as much done as I had hoped, but man, did I get tons done.

I scrubbed above my cabinets. I cleaned the inside the cabinets. I cleaned the fridge. I washed down the stovetop and microwave. I disinfected the countertops. The only thing I didn't get to was mopping the hardwood floors, but I'm hoping to get to that tomorrow...along with the ironing, vacuuming the house and tidying up the basement playroom.

It was almost like I was nesting -- without the whole pregnancy thing.
today's good: My kitchen's so clean, you could eat off my cabinet doors!
today's bad: This bitter arctic air stinks! Just going out to get the newspaper could kill ya. Hey, I'd move if I could but Dad2Amara really likes it here. My idea of "winter" should be no colder than 45 degrees! I don't need the cold and snow!


  1. Hey sounds like a repeat of one of my days. Are you nesting... fess up!


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