see, Bean and I could be celebs

MSNBC is reporting that Tori Spelling is registered at Petit Tresor.

So out of curiosity, I checked out what is said to be her baby registry online.

I had the Baby Bjorn to cradle Miss Amara. And my daughter did have Italian leather shoes as an infant (thanks to Aunt Pat). Soft blocks and stacking rings -- we had those too.

So I didn't have the $1100 Azure Dreams Chateau Adult Glider and Ottoman or the $755 bedding.

I think Amara and I would do just fine living the good Hollywood life!
today's good: I am actually going to have to say that today's good is my boss. She's second in line at my workplace and completely understood why I had to work from home this afternoon.
today's bad: Which leads me to today's bad...while Great-grandma2Amara on my side of the family was released from the hospital yesterday, we got bad news about Great-grandma2Amara on dear hubby's side. While we still have hope she'll be with us for just a bit longer, doctors don't seem to be as optimistic. Please keep her in your thoughts!