shuffling...the story of my life

This week the How Much Do We Love podcast had an iPod Shuffle Challenge.

Because I am not already in the midst of one of my life's largest shuffle. I feel like I'm juggling and mixing in spots I never thought were possible. But I was game.

Not that I don't love the first 10 songs in my shuffle, but am I really not that diverse? Where are my musicals, teeny bop hits, and local loves?! Not to mention, 2 country songs AND a polka...geesh...
  1. 'My List' by Toby Keith

  2. Rock A Bye Baby (yes, the lullaby is on my iPod)

  3. Sweet Surender by Sarah McLachlan

  4. Dreams For Plans by Shakira

  5. Love You Out Loud by Rascal Flatts

  6. Original Of The Species by U2

  7. Money, Money, Money by ABBA

  8. Who Stole The Keeshka by Frankie Yankovic (I am not ashamed to admit I own 'Everybody Polka' a 2-cd set.)

  9. Brian Wilson by Barenaked Ladies

  10. Damn Girl by Justin Timberlake
Let me hide from my embarassment now...
today's good: Over the weekend, Amara and I broke my eyeglasses. I have no clue how. Could be the fact that they were so very old but I still chose to buy my prescription Coach sunglasses instead of actually getting glasses to help me see 24-7. So I've been wearing an older pair of glasses, squinting. And because I have to go to work, I must go through yet one more day before I can get to a store to get my prescription filled. Grrrr.
today's bad:I'm exhausted. I haven't been sleeping well. I think the whole shuffling my life around is starting to affect me.