Spongebob Asian-pants

Amara loves Spongebob.

And apparently she's not alone. I'm not talking about the millions of American children that adore the yellow creature. I'm talking about the multitude of Japanese women who are obsessed with him.

That's right, just like my beloved Hello Kitty and Keroppi, Spongebob Squarepants is eating up the licensing market in Asia.

See, we're not always following the Asian trends.

And speaking of following trends, Godmother2Amara bought Bean Mickey Mouse crocs for Christmas. And not to be outdone, seems Nickelodeon is close behind with a Spongebob Croc due out in the summer. Wonder if it'll only come in yellow...
today's good: Amara behaved! And why you ask is that so huge? Read on...
today's bad: School was canceled today for Amara because of the arctic vortex our area has found itself in. It's freaking cold! So I had to take Amara to work with me for a bit. I was praying the entire drive in that Amara would just stay quiet long enough for me to make an appearance. But luckily, my little Asian princess did!