the son-in-law

Today was a big day. Amara went to her first birthday party that wasn't for a relative or goddaughter. It was Adam's know, the boyfriend.

Dad2Amara and I spent a good part of the day with Amara at Pump It Up. Although Dad2Amara first thought we were taking our daughter to some children't gym that pushes steroids, it's actually a party center filled with a bunch of giant inflatable bounce houses and slides. Tres cool.

Adam, Amara's boyfriend, is really cute. Amara's already exhibiting Mom2Amara's good taste. Adam and Amara sat together for lunch. And the in-laws are super sweet. Makes me sad to know that Adam will be "graduating" at the end of the school year. I found out Amara's two best friends at school will be graduating too. I hope she won't be too devastated losing her three buddies and having to make new friends come September.

Am I making too much of it? I know Amara will bounce back but will it be difficult for her to have to make new friends again this upcoming school year and then again for kindergarten?
today's good: I bought the cutest sundress for our trip to Hawaii! I didn't know how it would look on me but now that I'm home and have tried it on, I think I'm going to buy a second dress in another pattern!
today's bad: I still have to clean the basement and iron our clothes and it's already Saturday night. We're supposed to be hit with this gargantuan ice storm overnight so we may be stuck in the house all day Sunday anyhoo.