My friend, Todd, first mentioned this a while back with the Dora model. But I never thought I would have one in our home.

It all began with an innocent trip to the neighborhood big red box. We needed hangers and some Valentine's Day cards for Amara's class. My curiosity was peaked when I realized it was close to the time that the Global Bazaar would go on markdown. So Amara and I headed towards the back of the store where the beautiful worldly goods were. So as I shopped (BTW, GB is 30% off now), Amara took a look at the toy section and came to me with what she wanted to purchase -- a Spongebob Aquapet.

Seemed innocent enough. Until we took the toy out of its -- excuse the pun -- packaging.

I can't even look at this thing without laughing.
today's good: I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but I am spearheading a new initiative for work. I have a Monday morning deadline for its first phase and I've rocked and rolled today! Go Mom2Amara go!
today's bad: I don't think our family has caught a break in 2007. Dad2Amara's grandmother has taken a turn for the worse. We knew this day would come, but honestly, Grandma2Amara is bit of a drama queen so I thought this was another one of her feeble attempts of exaggeration. I was wrong. Great-grandma2Amara on her dad's side is not doing well. Please keep her in your prayers.


  1. What age are they gearing for? Very strange but guess it attracts 3 year olds and up!


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