where's Daniel Powter?

I swear, that song "Bad Day" was playing all morning long for me. If it had been snowing, this video could have been me...it was that bad.

First I woke up late, then Amara was dragging her feet in waking up, and the ultimate sign I was having terrible day? My boss calls my cell phone while I was still on the freeway, not even out of my county yet.

But it's OK. Why? Because as of this post, it is now 2 days and 16 hours until Bean and I board a plane for Hawaii.

Jealous yet?
today's good: I have a cute haircut to match my cute toes from yesterday. No, nothing drastic but my lovely hairdresser did a fab job this month.
today's bad: Can we say carb overload? The last 24 hours I've eaten anything that has carbs so I'm sure I'll gain 5 pounds before heading to Honolulu.