I know I'm pathetic for admitting I checked out this site and even more sad for posting it.

But did you know that Tori Spelling of Beverly Hills 90210 fame has a blog?

I didn't, so off I went, and as much as I don't want to say it, I want to be like Tori!

One, she's 8 months preggers. That was the best time in my pregnancy. I literally glowed, I loved my body, and everyone had to be nice to the Asian lady with the protruding belly.

And two, she and her husband are opening up a B&B. That's my dream! I always told Dad2Amara that I want to buy a bed and breakfast on the Jersey Shore.

BTW, can't get enough? Check out another site that I'm enamored with right now -- Celebrity Baby Scoop.
today's good: 29 more hours until Amara and I board a plane bound for Hawaii!
today's bad: Ever realize just how much is involved with taking a vacation. It's exhuasting! But not only have I not packed, but I have to do all of my usual housewife duties because heaven knows Dad2Amara won't be doing them while I'm gone. And I am already fearing separation anxiety...with my laptop. I didn't want to take it with me because the thought of having Amara, our carry on, her booster seat and my laptop so I am considering leaving it behind. Yes, Aunt2Amara has a laptop and PC I could use while on vacation, but what fun would that be?