a little housekeeping

Since it was so late when I last posted, I didn't get a chance to post a good or bad for Saturday. So here goes --
today's good: We made it to Hawaii in one piece! It's so nice to see Aunt and Uncle2Amara again!
today's bad: At LAX, we needed a quick dinner to go since our layover had been cut considerable short. Luckily there was a Mickey D's right near our gate. So I ordered Amara's usual chicken nugget Happy Meal and not wanting to fly on a really heavy stomach, I ordered just a sandwich. Grand total? $11.33!! What?!?! A sandwich and a Happy Meal was more than 10 bucks?!?! Outrage!
Oh, and in case you're wondering...5 more days until my birthday


  1. in case I don't make it back hee in time, what with all the party visiting to do,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY for later in the week.


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