all tanned in March?!

Day 2 and Amara is already really really tanned. Who would have guessed that an afternoon in the Hawaii sun would get her so dark?! She'll be the envy of all the girls at her preschool, I'm sure.

Amara and I were literally up at the crack of dawn. Jet lag, I suppose.

We began the day with Aunt and Uncle2Amara at a local diner, Boots and Kimo. I was so super annoyed we were waiting nearly an hour for a breakfast joint. But OMG, their pancakes filled with bananas and topped with their specialty macadamia nut sauce was to die for.

Then off to Kailua Beach we went (sorry no pictures from the beach...I've been banned from bringing my digital camera to the shore after an "incident" in Sea Isle). Amara ran and ran from the waves back to the beach and then back into the water. That girl has no fear.

But as I sat at the beach, I realized one important lesson that should inspire me rather than repulse me as it originally did. People here are very comfortable with their bodies. I mean really comfortable. There are a lot of women in bikinis that shouldn't be. And there are a lot of men that leave a lot to be desired. At the same time, I haven't seen one waif. Yes, there are skinny bitches around, but no dying-to-be-thin girls. There's something to be said about an early lesson on self esteem for Bean. And me, the girl who hates bathing suits because I'll always be 10 pounds too heavy, was actually OK walking around the beach. At first I questioned the wannabe MILF's but then I said, hell, I can be one too and proudly played with Amara in the water. We're loving Hawaii...