an Asian into math? nah!

I'm a geek.

And it's not because I'm participating in this week's CHBM Carnival while on vacation (but while I'm at it, I'll admit I've been checking my work email).

It's because when they asked what our favorite TV show growing up was I immediately thought of Square One and its sketch Mathnet.

Sure there was also Dance Party USA and Kids Incorporated but they weren't at the top of mind.

Growing up, my Lolo and Lola2Amara (my parents) were very strict. It was all about academics, not extra curriculars. Aunt2Amara and I were just talking about how Lolo2Amara created a chart that specifically reminded us that we could only watch 30 minutes of television after school.

So I chose to watch PBS. The glitz and glamour of mathematical law enforcement sucked me in. I wanted to be a math detective too!

What was your favorite television show growing up?


  1. oh my goodness. i loved square one and mathnet! i think my other favorite show was where in the world is carmen sandiego. yeah, i'm still a nerd.

  2. We were only allowed 30 minutes of TV after school too. I don't even remember what TV shows I liked watching!

  3. Kids Incorporated! Ha! I was there on that one, too.

  4. I wanted to be on Dance Party USA sooooo Badly!!!! Oh! I can't believe I forgot that one!


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