are WE the bullies?

Did you hear about the woman who gave birth just two days after finding out she was pregnant?

Um, yeah. How do you not know you're pregnant?

One of the reasons why she didn't realize she was preggers is because she is overweight (she tips the scale close to 400 pounds).

OK, so my reaction to this story when I first heard it must be the same reaction many people are having. And no, I apparently am not a nice person. Seems to be that this new mom, instead of being congratulated, is being ridiculed. All of the nasty comments we try to shield our kids from are the very exact things being said about one of our motherly sisters.

I'm guilty. I say not so nice things about people I don't know squat about. Heck, I say not so nice things about people I do know. That makes me a bully. And I try and try to keep those comments and negative vibes to myself. I need to be a good role model for Amara. But how to I protect her not only from her peers but from the bullying of adults?
today's good: So totally superficial, but I have a cute top on today!
today's bad: I have had a terrible bout with nausea and migraines the past three days. So I didn't get a run in last night. Keep your fingers crossed that I can get out tonight!


  1. Migraines? Nausea? YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!!! Yaaaaay!

  2. Unlike my sister.. I think you just need another vacation! Vacations totally wear me out. I wanna go to Vegas! But baby daddy won't even let me go to the mall myself in fear that my clumsy feet will trip over a display stand!


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