be careful what you say

A California teen has found herself in the middle of a lawsuit after saying a phrase that's so often used in our culture:
'That's so gay.'
I hate to admit it, but I have said that before. I've also said some other not so nice slang. But it's not to offend anyone. It's really all in jest. Heaven knows I've heard racist Asian comments growing up. I took offense to that, but I've never said these phrases maliciously. I say things more as an expression, not a form of hatred.

After reading this article, I know I would need more information before deciding whether I agree with punishing this teen or not.

But what I've also learned is that I really need to be more mindful of what comes out of my mouth. I know I don't mean harm, but that may not be apparent to those listening to me. If adults can misconstrue what I say, what about Amara?

Last week, Amara told her dad It's so f-ing cold! Oops, I think she got that from me.

So be careful what you say...