beautiful, but can they bring Sexyback?

As promised, here are pictures of Amara during her swim with the dolphins.

We had four dolphins present in the water during our swim, including a baby that was 9 months old.

They are truly beautiful creatures. But after these pics were snapped, Amara cried and cried. Why? Because the dolphin didn't let her bring Sexyback.

Yes, you read correctly. There was a time during our swim when the dolphin would jump up and wave his flippers in the air like he was "dancing" with Amara. Well, you tell Amara to dance, and she's sure to bust out her Justin Timberlake moves. She hadn't stopped singing "Sexyback" when the dolphin stopped his trick. She was crushed! And boy, did she get upset!

But at least we got two good pictures out of the whole ordeal!


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