caffeine induced daze

I was so disappointed that I missed Starbuck's free coffee morning yesterday. But I got over it rather quickly.

Yet who would have guessed that not 24 hours later, I'd be sitting here in a caffeine induced daze.

Since Grandma2Amara (my MIL) decided to let Amara forgo her afternoon nap Thursday, I got home from work yesterday to a very cranky daughter. And as expected, she fell asleep before dinner.

I thought maybe, just maybe, God would love me and have her sleep for the rest of the night.

No such luck.

Amara woke up around 9 p.m. and proceeded to play until nearly 2 a.m. Thanks, Grandma2Amara. It helps when you totally disregard our requests on how you handle our daughter.

And now I'm paying for it because as I sit at my laptop, trying to coherently write something up for work, I'm just blanking staring at the keyboard because nothing seems to look right. Not to mention there's this haze covering any creative thoughts in my brain. I have to take Amara in to work for a few hours this morning. Hopefully the daze will lift for long enough for me to meet with my boss.
today's good: Even in my confused state, I was still able to make a pot of coffee!
today's bad: My MIL is driving me batty! I swear, I have the stereotypical relationship with my mother in law. She's overbearing and manipulative. I honestly think she's brainwashing Amara. Yeah, now I sound like the unstable one, but trust me, if you knew Grandma2Amara, you'd understand.


  1. Unlike Amara I decided to take a nap yesterday afternoon so I was up until 2:30am last night... watched basketball games and then Formula One race time trails... I am now on my first large coffe and will need much much more!


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