Flying High

Amara is simply flying high.

We are currently sitting at LAX waiting to board our plane bound for home. We have over a two hour layover so I figured it would be worth the $10 to buy wireless access while Amara watches Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses.

While we're sad that we have left Hawaii (Amara's really really sad. She told Aunt2Amara so before we left), I think we're both living on adrenaline right now because God knows I got relatively little sleep on the plane ride from Honolulu to L.A.

Turning 30 was relatively anti-climatic. I think it has something to do with the fact that I was so pumped up for this vacation that I completely forgot it was my birthday. OK I didn't "forget," but it was really an afterthought.

Bean and I spent the entire afternoon at Ala Moana Beach. She made friends with four kids from Japan who spoke little English. Shows you that fun has no barriers and that kids can always be kids.

Then in the evening, Aunt and Uncle2Amara took us out for my birthday to a place in Chinatown called Little Village. OMG to die for! It was absolutely delicious!

So as we sit here at LAX, I'm saddened that I had to leave my sister again. But I know this is a vacation Amara and I will never forget!
today's good: 6 more hours and we'll be home!
today's bad: 6 more hours and we'll be home!