from bad to worse

On the Richter Scale, this probably doesn't even register. But given the week/month/year I'm having, it seems like a tremendous blow.

Remember my complaints the last week and a half about not feeling well? Guess I should have seen my doctor sooner -- I have bronchitis.

today's good: As devastating at it is to have lost Lucida, I feel a sort of peace knowing how she died. Her autopsy results came in and she had a blood clot in her brain. There was nothing we could have done to prevent her death.
today's bad: Well, now that I have bronchitis, I won't be going to work tomorrow. Most days, that actually would have been a plus. But in the midst of everything I'm doing nowadays, it's a very, very bad thing.


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe you should slow down, Nik. You've always been going at mach 10 since you were little.

  2. Let someone spoil you for the next couple of weeks... sleep, eat ice cream and watch some soaps! - Dr. Shine


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