hey kids, did you hear about the latest courtroom saga?

Last week, Dad2Amara and I went to our second parent-teacher conference. (And for those of you wondering, Amara is doing wonderfully according to her teachers.) At the end of our meeting, one of her teachers reminded me that I was still welcomed to speak to the class about my job.

My job. I can barely explain to adults what I do for a living much less stand in front of a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds and spell out what I do in toddler-ese.

Could you imagine that conversation?
"Hey kids, when I sit on the assignment desk, I'm an ambulance chaser. But thank goodness, right now I'm just the station biotch -- whatever needs to be done, I'm asked to do it."
But seriously, a column in today's Orlando Sentinel says we should communicate better to our children what we do for a living. The purpose is to demonstrate to kids the importance of workplace skills.

I admit, I did give a tour last week to some third graders and was able to make the connection between my job and storytelling. There was no need to bring up elections, common pleas court, or the overnight shooting that took place.

Sure, I had to talk about Spongebob to make it relevant, but hey, if that's what it takes to keep kids and the public interested...I guess I should take Amara's teacher up on her invitation. It keeps me employed. Well, that and the mentally ill keep me employed.


  1. I know the feeling 100%!

    Person: So what do you do?
    Me: I'm an Executive Producer in television.
    Person: Oh, that sounds really cool!
    Me: It has its moments.
    Person: So what do you do?
    Me: I'm in charge of the newscast you watch every night.
    Person: You mean the people who read the news don't put the show together?
    Me: So what do you do?



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