I knew I could be management!

OK, maybe not really.

But since my life now is really ruled by one Amara, that statement begs the question -- do parents make better managers?

That's the question a recent Forbes Magazine article tries to answer.

A new study suggests that individuals committed to family life perform better at the workplace.

Why? Because parents can multitask, handle stress, and negotiate.

Now reading that, I know that there are plenty of people without children that have these good qualities. And I also realize there are parents that are lacking in some areas.

But thinking about myself, yeah, I can multitask. Look at what I do at work. Some days I feel like a glorified receptionist/babysitter/couch potato.

And I can negotiate. I think that's a gift the Asian gods gave me -- it's pretty much all BS but I can make it sound phenomenal

Handling stress? Ahhh, not so much.

OK maybe I'll stick with being Mom2Amara.
today's good: As of this post, it's now 2 days and 4 hours until Bean and I jump a plane to Honolulu! And my toes and hair still look good.
today's bad: I don't feel like I'm sleeping well at night. And since I subscribe to my mom's philosophy while on vacation (cram all you can into your days so who needs sleep?!), I don't think I'll feel any more rested come next week...