mom's back!

Mom2Amara is back!

Can't say I'm 100% but considering
  • this is day 13 of bronchitis
  • I have an overflowing in box at work
  • and an interview tomorrow on an author I know very little about
  • and I'm going stir crazy at home
my throngs of fans will no longer have to wait for I am heading to work today.

To a large extent, I'm feeling better. I still have the wheezing and shortness of breath, but at least now when I have chest pains, I know I'm not having a heart attack.

One can argue that parenting is one of the most difficult jobs there is. But try being mom while sick. Who will take care of mom?

Um, that's no one. Because mom has to take care of Dad2Amara, Amara, and surviving dog Miss Lady Katrina.

So rather than have the pile of laundry stare my in the face and the prospect of being on my hands and knees to scrub the hardwoods, I guess off to the station I go!
today's good: I'm sitting upright. And I can breathe. You know air, really important.
today's bad: Am I really going in to work on a Friday? Ugh.


  1. Your crazy... one more day resting wouldn't kill you.


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