moms rock!

...and this is why. Have you seen this story?

A basketball coach goes to her game just five hours giving birth to a baby boy!

Only a mother could do something like this -- because not only do we love our children, but we're dedicated in all that we do!

today's good: I went running last night! It felt so good to be back outdoors and doing something good for me! And I mentioned my run to a girlfriend and it looks like I now have a weekend running buddy!
today's bad: I slept in this morning waaaay past my alarm...and this means I couldn't get a morning run in. I was so trying to keep the momentum up. Hopefully it won't be raining when I get home tonight so I can sneak in a run!


  1. You ran! I'm proud of you... now get out there again... you can do it! :)


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