no wonder I'm carrying 20 extra pounds

I've had food on the mind the last 24 hours.

This bout of nausea is made worse when I eat. But I love to eat. So the cake yesterday...yeah, not such a good idea.

And I'm having breakfast with friends at one of my favorite local joints...trail mix pancakes....yummy.

But I knew I must have something wrong with me when I started salivating over this tater tot surprise recipe.

Which reminds me -- at the start of the year I made a lot of New Year resolutions. Not many of them have I stuck with. But I swear, I will organize my recipes by summer...even if it kills me!
today's good: Need I remind you -- trail mix pancakes!
today's bad: I'm still feeling a bit under the weather. The tightness in my chest is there but it's not as bad. My head still wants to explode but I am work from home Mom2Amara today so no matter what, I have to drag myself out of bed. Anyone know a miracle cure to make me feel better?
Photo credit: Kanko