Our Diamond's Gone

When they said deaths happen in threes, I never would have guessed she would be number two.

When I met Dad2Amara, I was OK with dogs. I just didn't want to own one. We were always on the go. We were living in an apartment, and I didn't think we had the space. And honestly, the thought of being responsible for another living thing was intimidating.

But two months before our wedding, Dad2Amara brought home Lucida -- without my knowledge or permission. I was livid. But being madly in love, I was blinded and Lucida was here to stay.

Why the name Lucida? Because even with her two different colored eyes and her shabby beginnings (long story, but ask me if you want to know), this dog would always be our unique, brilliant diamond -- like the Tiffany jewel.

So today, after a very long and trying morning, I was home working in the dining room...hoping to get some research completed. Amara was watching TV in the basement. And that's when I heard it. The most blood curdling scream and cry a dog could make. Our black lab, Lady, and I raced up the stairs. But by the time we made it upstairs, the cries had stopped. I got to Lucida and begged her to turn her head to look at me. And as an obedient dog, she did. And then she died.

I think I got a jump start on motherhood because of Lucida. And I even got a taste of Grandma2Amara's true colors (and her spoiling nature) because of Lucida. Lucida would bark and jump...not because she wanted to attack...but because she loved people. She loved attention. And now when I come home, the house is quiet. There is no welcoming committee because Lady is content just sitting back. But never our Lucida. And as annoyed as I would get with her canine ways, I loved that dog. Dad2Amara loved her. And Amara loved her.

Amara looked up to heaven to tell Lucida to "have fun" up there. And while she couldn't understand why she didn't see Lucida leave and she doesn't understand why she only can have one dog now instead of two, I think our 3 year old daughter is handling this better than her 30 year old mom.

Lucida wasn't sick. And she wasn't old. But as Dad2Amara said, God decided it was time to pick Lucida up. There was nothing we could do to have had her stay.

Just too bad it doesn't take away the hurt that's over our family right now.


  1. WHAT HAPPENED!?! What cause Luci to cry out???!! I'm so confused! Don't let my sister read this post, Nik! She's beyond hormonal. I really am sorry for your loss. Now you've got me paranoid about the "3rd" death!!!

  2. I'm sooooooo sorry you guys. I sitting here at work at 9:05 tearing up, I can just imagine what you guys are going through.

  3. I am sorry to read of your loss. My heart goes out to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  4. When the kids were growing up, they begged and begged that we get a puppy until one good day we finally said yes and got one. He was a great dog, mannered and gentle dog. The kids grew up, fell in love and moved out of the house...we were left with a "USED" dog, invested a lot of time and love on him till his passing due to old age complications. We were saddened for a long time and promised ourselves not to get one to replace the loss. We were wrong, we got another "Used" dog as gift from the children, not only to fill that void but also to enhance our lives. (sounding like a pet-psychiatist!)...but move on Nikki, you'll find another to cover this void.

    Love, Tito Jorge

  5. I'm so sorry too. I know what it's like when you have a pet and it's taken from you. Mine was a different way but know that a lot of people are thinking of you. The "not being there" syndrome is so tough to overcome.


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