out of touch


I forgot my cell phone at home this morning. Blame mommy head on this one. I was in such a hurry and in such a daze that I left my stupid cell phone on my nightstand.

What if someone rings with something work related? Or what if I get into an accident and am lying dead in a ditch? Or worse yet, what if something happens to Amara, I'm not sitting at my desk, and no one can get a hold of me?

Yes, I am completely addicted to technology. I can't live without my cell. And heaven knows I'd rather be online than in front of the telly. I'm dependent upon all of this. I'm part of the must-have-it-now culture. How can I expect to teach Amara the virtue of patience when I myself have very little of it to offer?
today's good: I have a few! Goodie! Last night, Makita inspired me to go for a run so right before dinner, I went out and hot damn, it felt good! And then I came into work this morning to find an email that says on Wednesday, Dunkin Donuts is giving away free iced coffees. Wheeee!
today's bad: Need I remind you about my MIA cell phone?!?!


  1. What a cool little "shout out". I'm glad that I, err, my blog, provided some inspiration. :) Way to Go!


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