quotable Amara

As Mom2Amara sits here and reflects on the last week, I am reminded about how grown up Amara acted, sounded, and looked.

My travel buddy was not a toddler, but a lovely young girl! It's amazing how much she's grown! And to prove it, here are some of the cutest things Amara said while we were on vacation:
"I'm easy like Sunday morn."

Mom2Amara: "Goodnight my little Hawaii girl." Amara: "Mom, thanks for taking me here."

Amara to Aunt2Amara: "You have a fat belly."

"What's up with that?"

Mom2Amara: "Amara, we're going on a plane tomorrow."Amara: "Well that's just silly! We're not leaving until the 15th!" (Where on earth she got that date, I have no idea.)

Pilot: "Why do you want to go back to Cleveland? It's so nice here." Amara: "I have to see my puppies. Duh."

"Move over here. (Godmother2Amara moves) Well, that's a start!"
I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff but these are some that stand out. You have to love what comes out of the mouth of babes!
today's good: I had a wonderful lunch with my side of the family. Growing up, we used to get together (all the aunts, uncles, cousins) every weekend. But nowadays, we all live further apart and life's just gotten so much busier. So it was nice to see everyone together!
today's bad: OMG I'm exhausted. I'm struggling to keep my eyes open! I'm not physically tired, I just am sleepy!


  1. lunch was awesome...it was so nice to see everyone again!
    and you can't forget what amara said to uncle2amara "you're a very big man!"


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