she wanted a parachute, I wanted to jump

We're finally here! Three flights and 15 hours later, Amara and I are finally in Honolulu.

Traveling with Bean was an adventure, to say the least. A few days ago, my excitement turned into sheer fear when it hit me that I was traveling alone with a 3 year old. Then I found out I wouldn't be allowed to take her booster seat on board. And to top it all off, Amara has been Miss Chatty Cathy all week long.

But when I went into her room Saturday morning to wake her up, Amara jumped out of bed, thrilled that it was finally "airplane day." To my surprise, the first leg of our trip was easy. The only glitch we hit was when we made our final descent -- Amara was peeved! She was under the impression that we would parachute out of the plane, not walk off of it at the gate. So she started whining, then crying, screaming she wanted to parachute! Thank goodness it was time for us to change planes! I would have jumped myself if Amara kept all of that up!

That pretty much set the tone for the rest of our travels. We boarded a flight in Houston and sat on the plane for an hour after they discovered "fluid leaking" from the plane. Once that problem was averted, we hit tail winds like no other and that added an additional half hour to our flight time. Grrrr. So our nice relaxing two and half hour layover at LAX became a mere 30 minutes. I was never more excited to see a McDonald's in my life!

The day was taking its toll on Amara -- she fell asleep on the LAX runway before we even left the gate. Once we got to our seats, Amara started crying, apparently scared the flight attendant was surely going to kick her off the plane. Before I knew it, Amara was sound asleep on my lap. Guess she hit the proverbial wall.

I learned that flying with a toddler can be really easy. I didn't need to drug her to make her sleep. I would bring out a DVD or toy or book one at a time. And I would space it all out so I wasn't inundating Amara with too much all at once. And while we were at the airports, I would let her walk around just to stretch her legs. Sure she probably ate more candy and chips than she should have, but hey, she was happy.

We hit more turbulence heading to Hawaii. But Amara stayed asleep the entire time. I would wake up each time we jolted from side to side. It was like being on Body Wars at Disney World...all you would see is a group of heads move from left to right then front to back. I'm ok with turbulence but that sheer fear thing took over. I think it was the whole we're-over-the-Pacific-and-can-die mentality. But thankfully, God was watching over us, and we've made it to Aunt2Amara's safely.

It's now just past midnight Honolulu time (meaning it's past 5:00 a.m. Amara time). And I'm watching Amara run around in circles. Isn't this girl tired yet?

We have no plans, no itineraries. So we'll see what the week holds! Mahalo!


  1. Mahalo! Have agreat time on vacay! Have a drink in a umbrella clad pineapple for me on your birthday. Glad to hear your trip wasn't too traumatic and Bean wasn't a terror. As for the jumping out of the airplane bit, tell her Aunt Katie will take her skydiving when she's 16 if she still wants to jump - BTW What gave her that idea in the 1st place??!

  2. OMG, that parachute thing had me ROFL!!! I am living vicariously through you & your pics. Can't wait till Sept.!


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