such a baby

Amara picked out this t-shirt at The Stupid Factory in Waikiki. Couldn't be more fitting for my toddler.

But as I was driving into work today, I realized I could be the one wearing that tee as well -- it's a gorgeous spring day out. The temperatures were in the mid 50's. Everyone is gleeful, happy that flowers will bud soon and snow will melt.

Me? I was bitching and moaning because it's cold out! On any other given day, I too would be ecstatic about the weather, but having just gotten home from vacation, this is more like the Antarctic.

I'm such a baby.

But apparently I'm not alone, especially in maybe setting Amara up to be spoiled (although I try my best to stop this). A recent article says suggests that today's parents are giving their children the tools to be self-centered.

It talks of four styles of parenting: authoritative parent, authoritarian parent, permissive parent, and passive parent. I can't tell which A parent I am...perhaps a mix of both.

The authoritative parent
Affectionate and engaged
Sets limits and enforces consequences
Uses reason, logic, and appropriate negotiation
Empowers a child's decision making
His or her child is likely to be:
Happy, responsible, and kind
Good at problem-solving
Self-motivated and confident
An excellent student
A leader
The authoritarian parent
Emotionally aloof
Bossy; likely to say, "Because I said so"
Uses physical punishment or verbal insults
Dismisses a child's feelings.
His or her child is likely to be:
Moody and anxious
An average to good student
A follower
Could a parent set their child up to be a big baby? I'm already a grown up and know that not everyone's gonna like me. But I don't think I can live with the guilt knowing I contributed to unruly Bean behavior. I can't take the pressure!
today's good: Work went well today. I got a ton accomplished, and hope to get even more done tomorrow.
today's bad: How sad vacation is over! I can no longer blog about the beautiful weather or Amara's huge smiles and dark tan. Humph!