the young and the restless

I always said there should be a website called

I mean think about it -- moms try to fit everything into a 24 hour time frame, even if means sacrificing some zzzz's.

Apparently someone got paid money to research something all moms could attest to.

A new study found that over half the moms surveyed went more than a day without sleep.

I remember when Amara was still an infant. Mom2Amara would get stir crazy in the house so I'd toss Amara into the car and we'd head out -- go anywhere, as long as it wasn't home. Well, in my sleep deprived daze, I ran a stop sign in a busy four way intersection. The little old lady who had the right of way was honking her horn like crazy. Thank goodness she did, because I probably would have hit her if the old hag hadn't.

My sleepless nights weren't because Amara wouldn't close her eyes. I am a perfectionist. And that horrible habit has only been amplified now that I am a mother. I would stay up to do laundry, scrub the floors, anything...because I couldn't stand the thought of wasting any time. If I were to go to bed, I'd get restless.

I'm a lot better about it now.

But I think that's because I fall asleep from pure exhaustion nowadays. A mother's work is never done, eh?
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  1. Atleast you got some sleep! I stayed up for 2 weeks straight when Ethan 1st came home. I was positive he'd starve or choke (OR SOMETHING HORRIBLE) if I took my eyes off of him. I think James described me as "a walking zombie". Yeah, you could've warned me about that too!

  2. I think that you are still a perfectionist... Your house is way too hygienic, I have to admit that I looked in your bathroom cupboard and there is not a stray hair lying around! You'd be appalled at mine!!!


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