they trust me? with the future?

As a Girl Scout leader, I often wondered why other parents would trust me with molding the minds of their daughters. I'm no convicted felon, but think about it, I'm no Clara Barton.

So with news of the continuing search for a missing Boy Scout, I question what would I do if one of my girls were missing? My Girl Scouts always talked about camping.

Me? Camping? Last time I was roughing it, I stayed in a cabin without a bathtub. I lasted 6 hours before demanding that I be taken to the nearest hotel. And I once fell into a lake because someone tried to hand me a worm to put on my fishing pole. Yeah, a tent and compass are not my friends.
today's good: I had a very yummy banana nut muffin for breakfast. Sounds so simple, but honestly, most days as Mom2Amara, I'm rushing out the door that I forget to grab something to eat. So the muffin is a welcomed change.
today's bad: I slept right through my alarm again. How is it 2 adults, an Amara, and 2 dogs can sleep through the blaring ring of an alarm clock? So I did not get to the gym this morning as I had planned. Hopefully I'll be able to get a run in tonight.