The good duo over at Hometown Tales mentioned this story, and I swear I'd be the one to do something similar.

A Pittsburgh man is eBaying all of his belongings so that he can travel the country. Sounds like he got a severe case of cabin fever. Or perhaps it's a midlife crisis.

Who couldn't relate?

Growing up, my family was rarely home. If we had no plans, we'd hop into the car and hit the mall, drive around the neighborhood, anything...just so we wouldn't be home.

And now that I'm Mom2Amara, I get stir crazy at home. I'm stricken with wanderlust. Or maybe it's boredom. But I do love to travel -- to Europe, to somewhere in the country, or even if it is just to the corner store. (Do we have corner stores in suburbia?!)

But the bigger question is -- would I be able to part with all of my possessions to make my love of travel a reality? Could I live without my Burberry purse? Or my Royal Doulton china?
today's good: Amara has the day off from school today, so I got to get into work pretty early for a Thursday morning. I beat the ice storm, all the traffic, and got a ton of work done!
today's bad: I always feel like I'm rushing nowadays. And I feel like my house is a freaking mess. Don't know if that's because I'm just coming down from my vacation hangover...or if it's because I'm now working 5 days a week, rather than my preferred 4 days. But whatever it is, I don't like it!