weekend amnesia

Dear heaven, where did the weekend go?

I couldn't tell you what I did the last 48 hours, but I can tell you that I'm exhausted.

We did go house hunting. I think last month it occured to me that I would have to register Amara for kindergarten come January. And I FREAKED out. Our current school district is not very desirable. I love the house I'm in, but am I willing to spend money for Catholic school just to stay in our home? See, we're not as lucky as you Canadians with a good education system!

I don't think we'll ever find our dream house. Considering Dad2Amara is an architect, we could just build a house but trying to find a lot we can afford in a good school district is next to impossible. All the quaint century homes I like need a ton of work...more restoration and renovation than Mom2Amara has time for. And all the cookie cutter homes builders are offering make me seriously want to vomit. But I'll keep you updated on our search.

today's good:OMG, I finally went to my design-your-own-purse party and I'm stoked about my purse! Mine will be similar to something like this. The style is the same, and I actually did choose the apples but not with red, although now I wish I had!
today's bad: I am now without child care during the week. It's no secret I tend to differ with Grandma2Amara on how to raise my child, and I kinda hit breaking point last week. So now I am on the hunt for a child care solution. Any suggestions?


  1. Here's my suggestion... move to Canada, we have great schools and it's all in your property taxes so no extra fee, there are great old houses mostly brick so they tend not to burn down or get really dilapadated and you cousin could provide all the child care you need or you could send Amara to childcare that is partially subsidized by the government and would cost about $20.00/day! How is that for a solution?

  2. Oh I forgot I want to order a purse too... how do I do it?

  3. I might just give up on American girls and move to Canada. :) Did you like my blog, it was a little temporary downtown living! It's a long but interesting story in the end. We'll talk soon yo!


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