why worry? Waikiki!

Day 3 in Hawaii was spent in Waikiki. I won't bore you with a long drawn out slide show a la the Brady Bunch, but I did want to share with all of you some of the highlights.

Honolulu Zoo

Yes, I took a deep breath, and went with Amara to the zoo. In case you don't know, I have a huge hang up about zoos. But notice this picture shows Bean with an inanimate object and not a true animal :) But the giraffes did come really close to Bean.

Waikiki Beach

After the zoo, we headed across the street to the beach. As we walked down the pier, a hippie asked Amara what her name was. He then proceeded to burn her name into a stick using a magnifying glass and the sun's beams. Amazing!


We were then left to do some power shopping before meeting up with Aunt and Uncle2Amara for dinner. One of my favorite finds? Cinnamon Girl. Fantastic clothes for me and Bean!

Duke's Canoe Clue

Dinner was at Duke's. We were lucky enough to get a table right on the beach and the views were spectacular! These two pictures were my favorite sights of the night! I had the mango bbq ribs...and they were so reminiscent of the spare ribs Great-grandma2Amara used to make for the family! They rocked! And of course, who can be on the beach and not have a mai tai?!


  1. What fun. I'm not a zoo person either and after an ecoli outbreak at the petting zoo (which my son got) I stay away from them too.


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