winding down

Well yesterday was quite fun. I hate to think that we leave Hawaii tomorrow night.

So yesterday, of course I was a goof and hit Costco with Amara. I'd hit a Target too if they had one on the island.

I wouldn't be Mom2Amara if I didn't hit the infamous Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Then Amara was off to the Ala Moana Beach where she played and swam and ran. Nothing tires that girl out!

We ended the evening with a nice dinner at a place called Ryan's with Aunt and Uncle2Amara. This will definitely be a holiday we won't forget!


  1. Happy Birthday Nik (tomorrow, I know) and I'm glad you had a great time. BTW great picture of Bean on the beach - it looks like a perfect day.

  2. Happy Birthday Girlie! Beach, sun and sand... it's starting to get springy here... looks like you picked a good week to be gone. It was record windchills here.


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