What an uneventful weekend.

Still on my Hawaii hangover, I've had little motivation to do anything around the house. So needless to say, my house was filthy. Laundry was piling up, rugs needed to be vacuumed, and sinks needed to be scrubbed. Luckily, Dad2Amara offered to pitch in and help. Now the fridge is restocked and the sheets are fresh and crisp. And another week begins.
today's good: I'm shooting to try something new tomorrow. I am aiming to be at the gym around 430 a.m. so I can get in a morning run, then work like a fiend, and then pick Amara up at the end of her school day. Sounds ambitious considering school ends at noon...
today's bad: I am either coming down with something or my body has decided it no longer likes to be sleep deprived. I'm exhausted! Coffee no longer works. And 3 hours a night doesn't seem to cut it anymore. Actually, last night I got in 8 hours and I probably could have used another 4. Short of taking No Doze, I'm not sure how I'll ever feel normal again.