all moms go to heaven

The fantastic ladies at the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas are holding a little contest -- and want my take on why all moms go to heaven. While I think it's pretty obvious that all moms are heavenly, I will do my best David Letterman impersonation and give you my top 10!

10. Moms all have little 'angels' so we must be divine in our own right.

9. And Moms know how to work their inner goddess. So heaven must be the happening place to be!

8. There has to be a place holier than the corner of my laundry room, huddled with a box of Girl Scout cookies.

7. Because eternal life in heaven would mean Moms would finally lose the pregnancy weight!

6. After being baptized with formula and confessing to only reading every other page in a bedtime story, Moms can still dish out holy orders.

5. Moms believe in the power of the Bloody Mary. Oh wait. I mean, in the Virgin. Uh, that doesn't work for us earthly moms either...

4. What mortals don't know is that at the Pearly Gates, St. Michael hands out a piece of jewelry to replace each noodle necklace, bracelet, and/or pin a Mom has received.

3. My daughter has to love me as much as her dog and if they go to heaven, I can too!

2. "Because I said so" was meant to be the 11th commandment.

And my final reason why all moms go to heaven?

1. The devil couldn't handle being nagged, bossed around, and managed by a group of mothers!

Need more reasons? Check out the cute stuff at It's sure to make you feel angelic!

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  1. Your list is great! lol.
    #8 I find to be especially true. ;)

  2. I love #1. Too too funny. And so right!


  3. Your list is great. #1 is my favorite - so funny! :)

  4. Great list. I think I've found a new 11th Commandment!

  5. Congratulations on winning! Good for you.......

    Be blessed.


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